About Us

Your team at accountants INK want to share their knowledge to make your life better.
Our consulting team to be frank have made and lost a lot of their ​​own money.
HIGH LIGHTS: turning a loss making enterprise to form part of a consolidated group to have a ASX market capitalisation of $100m+ and be the second fastest top 100 start up companies in the BRW magazine.
LOW LIGHTS: the global financial crisis and experiencing first hand the liquidation of a $140m+ Sydney property and hotel portfolio.
As a customer of accountants INK you have at your disposal valuable intellectual capital from people who have made $10m to $50m+ and have also endured bankruptcy.

WE KNOW BUSINESS the good times and the bad…​​​​​​​​

We are not your traditional accounting business model.

Don’t be surprised if we:
* think outside the square
* be pro active
* don’t charge for phone calls
* stand up and have a go
* take a calculated risk
* have tattoos
* wear jeans and thongs to work
* enjoy a beer with our loyal valued customers​​​​​​​​​​​!